Order within - Chaos without

13. Iron Rose

The barge continued its slow pace north up the river towards Iron Rose. Perfectly straight rows of crop lined the river, as had they been commanded by a higher force. The sight would have pleased Paravicor Emanror Pinard. In the evening the party reached The Iron Rose. From the little harbor, they could see the giant opulent palace throne before them. Their rowdy travel companion, sea captian LeMuyer smiled. Let’s follow up there, he said. I also have an important errand with Lady Kaltessa in the Iron Rose, yes. I have a most valuable cargo to deliver. The party accepted and were guided by a bearded devil into the palace halls, where Lady Kaltessa sat in a large obsidian throne looking down upon the party, with her chain devil guards. Here is my valuable cargo, my lady, LeMuyer smirked as he pointed to the surprised party. And what have you come for, Lady Kaltessa adressed the party. A black stone you say? If you pledge me your services for a month, I will loan you the powerful stone. After a brief discussion the party decided to take her offer. A contract was signed and an imp brought forth the stone that held powerful dark magic. Gargamel Shadowtouch agreed to wear it and harness its magic.

Lady Kaltessa offered that the party members could battle one of her devils. Draxkarn Brizag’Dekhel was the first in the battle ring. The opportunity to defeat a devil and hereby advance in the Order of the God Claw made him jump into battle, but it soon becane apparant that his powers were not enough to defeat the mighty chain devil. Topol Badut wasn’t discouraged by somewhat weak performance and felt ready to give it a go as the next contestant in the ring.


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