Order within - Chaos without

16. The Battle against Azalin

Facing evil with evil on top


Behind the enemy, Topol just beheaded, stood a black stone door as the one the party found in the back og The Black Cave. Ermis reluctantly used some of his necromancy magic, and the door slid open. It revealed a chamber similar to that in the Black Cave. 6 statues along the walls. A shallow pool of purple water in the middle and a large Whispering Way figure reaching out his hand holding a second black stone in an annex in the back of the room.

Just as the party stepped into the chamber, 6 zombies came charging from behind them. Ermis stood firm and tried to block the zombies way to the pool of deathridden water. One zombie got past him and swiftly climbed the statue in the back. Topol drew his trusty crossbow, but as usual found it did not have the deadly effect his axe has. The new party member Wulf’Grim proved his worth by throwing his axe into the back of the head of the zombie, taking it out. Wulf’Grim grabbed the black stone, and scanned the inner annex. A rich mural depicts a large battleground with several human armies battleling the lich-lord Tar Baphon. Octavian popped out and pointed to the Azlanti Standard flying high in the fray of battle. “That is me in my hay day”, he said.

In the round room behind them more zombies spewed forth, this time accompanied by the dark Azalin. By the black stone doors a mysterious figure appeared, wielding a large sword. As the lack door slammed shut, ceiling the party in, they heard a violent battle commence in the other room. When the battlesounds stopped the doors opened again, the figure was gone and Azalin and the zombies looked ready to storm the party. Azalin held a little villan-speech, before unleaching a fireball on the party. Only Ermis was swift enough to avoid most of the flames. Topol and Wulf’Grim charged the zombies while Ermis stayed back in an obscuring mist preparing to summon monsters.
From the back 3 wights entered the room going straight for Azalin. He quickly disposed of them all with a wall of fire.

Feeling the party could need his help the weary ghost Octavian jumped out, giving the last of his ghostly powers, as he lunges into Azalin yelling “Lethal War”.
Surrounded by zombies Topol uses his cleave ferrociously taking down one zombie after the other and Wulf’Grim fights his way towards Azalin. A cone of cold from the dark necromancer makes Ermis go down, and quickly Octavian jumps into his body and fights on. As Topol plants the killing blow in Azalins guts, the rest of the zombies vanish, and the party quickly gathered the two black stones Azalin was keeping amongst his possesions.

As if that wasn’t enough evil for a day, The wight mother of Isger, the party had seen outside in the valley fighting Azalins zombies with her wights Illcayna Alonnor now stood before them, looking even scarier with a pack of wights guarding her. Now doubt enourmous evil power was in those stones, and just as the party was getting ready to be annihilated, a portal opened in the middle of the room. A figure in purple robes called them to him and as the party jumped through, they found themselves on another plane, with a mage that presented himself as Prince Manus Grisius, Saviour of Heroes, Slayer of Dragons.
After a little discusion the party decides that the evil black stones will be safer with him, and grant him the eternal life he has been longing for. For this he will imbue Topol and Ermis’ gear with extra magical abillities. Lord Octavian will also grant the party a kingly gift if they will bring him back to Gilamoor and the eternal peace of his grave. Wulf’Grim is presented the awesome spear Standard of Azlanti and Ermis bids a last sorrowful farewell to his old soul-tennant, as he reads the insciption that Octavian made to the weapon:
Thus is our treaty written; thus is agreement made. Thought is the arrow of time; memory never fades. What was asked is given. The price is paid.

Today fighting evil felt especially well.


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