Order within - Chaos without

17. Tur i jernrosen



The party returns to The Iron Rose with mixed emotions. Thanks to the orb they borrowed from the lady, they were able to defeat Azalin and stop his evil plans. Though this also ment, that they would not be able to return what they have borrowed, since Manus Grisius (The Saviour of Heroes, Master Wizard and Protector of the Realm) had kept all the orbs in his plane, so that he might hide them from the world.

The party now entered into a year of servitude to the lady of The Iron Rose. Her first command was to follow LemeĆ¼r south back to The Citadel. There they were to serve their former teacher Richfred Grimacar in his quest to start a new chapter of The Hell Knights. His plans were to start a new chapter in the far north in the region of The World Wound. This place was the most chaotic place in the world, and thus the region in the most need for the lawful Hell Knights!

The group sets out from The Citadel and has a quite peaceful journey north.

Upon reaching the border between The World Wound and Numeria, Grimacar sends them forward on their own. They are to gather information and scout The city of Kenabres, one of the last strongholds holding the ever expanding World Wound at bay.

The City of Kenabres is celebrating The Festival of Armaze, the annual festival on the 16th of Erodis. The main square is filled with entertainers, cityfolk, crusaders and would-be adventures.

The celebrations are cut short as lighting and winged demons fills the skies, and before the party can gain grasp what is going on two giants take to the square. The two giant creatures is a towering demon and a great white dragon. The dragon is the protector of the city and fights a desperate fight in order to keep the city from destruction. The fighting between the two great beings strike deep and wide chasms in the ground, and sends the party into the dark depths of The Darklands.

When they regroup after the fall, they realise that they are not alone in the darkness. Three unfortunate inhabitants of the city has fallen into the depths alongside them: Anevia Tirablade, Aravashnial and Horgus Gwerm. The party decides to protect the three unfortunate strangers and together they venture through the caverns of The Darklands.

After a long and troublesome journey they encounter some of the inhabitants of The Darklands, the inhabitants of the Darkland city of Neathholm.


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