Order within - Chaos without

14. A Glorious Death

The end of an era


After Drax’karns glorious defeat to the devil, the party decided to travel back to the city of Elidir in order sell the accumulated loot and treasure. As the party departed from The Iron Rose, Octavian emerged from the chest of Ermis and accused the party of being incompetent servants. Without giving any further explanation to his accusations, he disappeared back into the body of his host.

They hitched a lift with the slimy captain Lemyre back to the city of Elidir. Trouble with the sails delayed them by a day, and on the 5th day of the signing of the deal with the lady of the iron rose, they reached the city. Carefully avoiding any contact with the family of Ermis, they sold their loot and bought 3 horses and a pony in preparation of their travels westward in search of more obsidian stones. They didn’t quite remember why they felt an urge to avoid the family, but they felt that they had forgotten to fulfil the request of the family.

The terrain westward his rolling hills and grassland. They pass small towns and settlements along their path, and as they ride further west, the settlements decrease in size. The rumours tell of orcs raiding the western rolling hills and it is even said, that something even worse than rampaging orcs haunt the mountains near Finder’s Gulch.
On the night of the 8th day, a small band of orcs attacks the camp of the heroes. The orcs are dealt with swiftly and without mercy. Soon after they corpses of the orcs awoke as mindless zombies, their will bound to that of Gargamel the wizard. The control however was difficult to maintain, and the proved to be hostile towards Ermis. They had to be put down.

On the 9th day, they came across a second band of orcs. This band consisted of three orc grunts, a shaman and a leader equipped with a mighty composite longbow. The warriors hurled javelins at the heroes, and the shaman hurled shit at the warriors. The magical effects of the shit was not scientifically confirmed. Drax’karn had an excellent strategic mind, and he quickly figured out, that the heroes were outmatched in ranged capabilities. His solution was a glorious charged into the face of the danger. With both weapons drawn, he jumped to action and shielded his friends from danger with his own body. Some tales say, that he used the well-armoured body of Topol Badut, but those tales are evil lies that only mean to smear the glorious memory of Drax’karn Brizag’Dekhel.

His valiant charge ended only a few feet from the enemy lines. His body had soaked up to many arrows and javelins, and in the end, his body caved in and he fell unconscious to the ground. Close behind him came the rest of the party, and due to the sacrifice of their friend, they managed to kill the orcs. During the combat Ermis disregarded all safety protocols, fumbled his swing and lost his sharp sword. The swing send the sword flying through the air and straight into the back of the valiant Drax’karn. He who sought to protect his friends with his own body found a knife straight in his back. Thus ended the glorious tale of Drax’karn Brizag’Dekhel first of his name. May the tales of his glorious victories live forever.

As if the backstabbing wasn’t enough his body was raised soon after by the evil Wizard Gargamel. It seemed that not even death would free him of the service to his “friends”.
Now consisting of one dwarf, two humans and a mindless zombie, the party continued westward. Not long after they reached Finders Gulch. Before the gulch, they saw a horrifying sight. A great battle between wraiths and zombies were fought. Leading the army of the zombies was the dark and evil Azalin and on the opposing side stood Illcayna Alonnor.

This left the entrance to the gulch unguarded, and the party decided to take advantage of this and slip inside.



14. A Glorious Death

A few editorial comments: First of all the shamen was flining poo – not throwing shit – there is a huge difference! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgUwpb3I98M

Secondly it was zombies fighting wights.

Drax’karn Brizag’Dekhel R.I.P and take your spoilings with you to the grave!

14. A Glorious Death

So it was not wraiths against the machine?

14. A Glorious Death
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