Order within - Chaos without

15. A new friend

Touring Zombieland

The party is now down to two men, who boldly sneak into Finder’s Gulch. A deadish world meets them. An entire village seem transported into the dark cave and is filled with people that are neither dead or alive are frozen in whatever position they were in when something sinister happened and made them into objects in a unknown twilight zone between being and not being.

Beneath the thick dust that covers everything lies food that also seems transformed into something else even though it still looks like food.

Searching a house Topol Badut hears a sound from a room and decides the only sensible thing – kick the door open and rush in with the axe ready.
A half orc is hiding. The following discussion is begun with a dash on Topols head by the side of half orcs gigant axe.

He is Wulfgrim the sole survivor from a nomadic tribe that was assaulted by Azalins undead army. Now he is here to kill the responsible. The dwarf is puzzled as the fierce half orc lived because he ran.

Topol Badut hear yet another sound. This time it is zombies approaching.
A battle commences on the narrow stairs in the house. The zombies are easily beaten and the newcomer presents himself as a brave but unwise warrior and thereby gets accepted by the two remaining friends.

Lord Octavian pops out from Ermis Aradippous chest and the astonished half orc chops his axe through the illusive body. After explaining the presence of the spirit guide they approach a house containing to wights. Wulfgrim shows creative skills when he smashes through the wall to get into close combat. Excellent teamwork is shown when Turgrimm pushes a wight to the floor so Topol Badut can chop of the head.

Ermis Aradippou decides to face 4 zombies on his own. Some channelling and chopping later the undead are dead again. The house hides a trapdoor that leads to a underground tunnel. The tunnel ends in a ovale room filled with mosaic of the godess Urgathoa. Ermis Aradippou remembers a story of Urgathoa becoming allpowerfull on the day where a dark sun rises.

When Turgrimm enters the room the mosaic of one of two golden suns turns dark and purple light pulses around the mosaic suns. A figure is waiting on the other side of the room guarding a door. The first exchange of blows reveals the stranger as very agile and difficult to hit. A sudden smart move from Wulfgrimm gets the Matador stranger to lose a step and hold out his neck so the running dwarf gets to chop of his head with one swing of his axe.

Iomedae watches and the approval of the skillfull act is felt in the heart and soul of the Dwarf. The darkness wanishes from the mosiac.


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