Illcayna Alonnor

Wight Mother of Isger


Illcayna Alonnor (also known as the Wight Mother of Isger) leads a cult of wights in the ruined village of Finder’s Gulch in the Menador Mountains of western Isger.


Over a century ago, Illcayna Alonnor was a priestess of Urgathoa who martyred herself to feed an uncontrolled group of wights. She was resurrected by her goddess and transformed into a daughter of Urgathoa, and later took control of the undead who had killed her. She then attacked the village of Finder’s Gulch and killed all of its inhabitants, transforming it into their new headquarters. Alonnor has spent the last hundred years raiding Isger, Cheliax, and Molthune for bodies to increase her wight army.

Illcayna Alonnor

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