Isger at a glance:

• Alignment: LN
• Capital: Elidir (11,900)
• Notable Settlements: Logas (4,300)
• Ruler: Hedvend VI, Steward of Isger
• Government: Vassal State of Cheliax
• Languages: Common
• Religion: diabolism, Erastil

They say in Isger’s capital city, Elidir, that “Every devil has its servitors.” Regrettably for Isger, its devil is Cheliax, and as such its servitude is often dark and unwelcome.
Many argue that Isger’s fate as an acquisition is not a coincidence – rather, it is a geographical imperative. The trade routes of Isger provide access to Druma and the invaluable markets of Lake Encarthan. Many speculate that more gold flows through Isger than anywhere else in Avistan. Today, Isger’s famed Conerica Straits provide a web of roadways slashing across the state, leading from Cheliax in the southwest all the way to Druma to the northeast.

The goblin wars
The savage humanoids of the forest caves of Chitterwood organized and attacked. Amassed by hobgoblin commanders, the likes of which were never before seen in Isger, hundreds of goblin tribes exploded from the forest like a great green geyser.
The immediacy of the threat posed by the slaughter gave rise to what might otherwise have been an impossible three-part alliance. A small order of Hellknights from Cheliax, a contingent of Druma’s Mercenary League, and a regiment of Eagle Knights of Andoran all coordinated their efforts to strike back at the goblin hordes.


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