Order within - Chaos without

19. The Return

As our heros return to the surfaces, a horrifying site meets them, the once great city of Kenabres
the tremors and demonic attacks have devastated the city, leaving it a smoking, apocalyptic ruin. Deep chasms riddle the city, while the paths of enormous demons have left ruinous trails of rubble extending out from the city’s heart. Above, the once-familiar skyline of Kenabres and forever changed—the tower of the Kite and the Cathedral of St. Clydwell having been completely destroyed
The Worldwound has expanded its borders, and now the city of Kenabres is enveloped in it.

Evidence of violence lie everywhere, whether burned buildings, splashes of blood, or dead bodies waiting to be claimed by vultures and it’s never long before the scream of a fresh victim peals through the soot-encrusted streets.

Our heroes decide to find the Wardstone. On the way they come across a ruined shop which is a combination of tailor/clothing store that specializes in particularly fancy clothing, and the shop has recently attracted the attention of a passing demon—an abrikandilu.
Topol is the first to spot the demon and rush towards it swinging his axe, but his short dwarven legs are no match for Wolf’Grim that runs pass the dwarf.
Wolf’Grim kills the demon with a swift strike, but another demon is in the store. In the far corner of the store Dressed in a fine garb. The demon throws a broken mirror at Wolf’Grim which barely hurts him and Wolf’Grim repays the demon with a swift death.

Blackwing ruins
The Librarium of the Broken Black Wing—called “Blackwing” to the locals—has a reputation for containing the most complete record of research on demon hunting in the country.

Unfortunately, Blackwing now lies in ruins—all that remains standing is the Librarium’s facade and its reinforced great hall. When Aravashnial learns of the building’s destruction, he becomes despondent, collapsing to his knees in despair

Curiously, the buildings surrounding Blackwing seem not to have been as damaged—it’s as though some force singled out Blackwing for destruction.
Inside Blackwing stand Chaleb a fallen paladin and 2 Tieflings surrounded by a wall of books. In the corner a group of imprisoned librarians. Chaleb orders around with a woman, getting her to stack the books.
Our heroes bash in. Topol charge trying to attack one of the tieflings but only hits the books. Wolf’Grim badly hurts Chaleb, and trips one of the tieflings and skewers it with his spear. With Thrand’dral in hand Ermis cuts the head of the other tiefling in a single swing. Chaleb falls to his knees and beg for mercy. Mercy is what he gets – Hellknight style! Ermis take him outside and executes him in the name of justice and Iomedae.
Inside among all the books Topol have cut shredded he finds a special book – a spell book he gives to the wizard Gargamel.
Araveashnial stay at the Blackwing, as he might be the last Riftwarden in Kenabres. The rest of the party continues toward the tower and make a little detour to get Horgus to his manor.

On the ruing streets the party encounter a demon a Babau bend over a woman while it was skinning her alive. Topol and Wolf’Grim rush towards the demon. The demon conjures a thick fog between the party and him, Topol and Wolf’Grim continues through the fog where they think it might be hiding. But the demon has summoned another Babau and they go in melee combat with Ermis and Gargamel. Gargamel uses his innate ability and shifts away from the demon and try to bring it down with a spell but the spell fails. Ermis calls for the power of Iomedae and smites the demon to the ground. The other demon strikes back on Ermis before it disappear from this world.

The party arrives to Horgus Gwerm’s manor which looks like something of a miracle, for it seems to have escaped without any damage at all. Horgus is somewhat disgusted that his guards and the help have abandoned the manor—even more so when he realizes that they made off with a lot of his valuables.
As a reward for getting Horgus home, he gives all the members in the party some gold, but the reward is not evenly distributed, which Wolf’Grim does not think is fair and forces Horgus to pay the same amount to all.

Wolf’Grim still thinks Horgus is arrogant and slap him across the face. Horgus falls to the ground as a bag of potatoes.

Now the party wants to get Anevia home. Her house is an empty simple three-room affair. As the party enters the house they are attacked by fire beetles Wolf’Grim and Topol destroys the entrance to get the space to fight. After this the fire beetles are swiftly delt with. Suddenly a half-orc appears in the corner. He fires a scorching ray at Gargamel. Chocked by the fire Gargamel hesitates – but returns the fire with a Lightning bolt which hurts the half-orc badly. The party kills the Half-orc Vogrog. In the bedroom the find a letter from Irabeth to Anevis telling har she can be found at Defender’s Heart.

Defenter’s Heart the largest inn in Kenabres is a stout stone structure that survived the fall of Kenabres with ease.

Anevia lets out a joyful cry as Irabeth appears, quickly coming to greet her once word of her return spreads. The women embrace tenderly before Anevia introduces her wife, Irabeth Irabeth explains that she’s now in charge of the Eagle Watch

She knows that word got out about the attack, but has also heard that Nerosyan and other cities along the border are facing their own plights

this city’s wardstone has been destroyed and that as a result, the entire network of wardstones has diminished in power to a shadow of its former strength.

Tower of Estrod

This sixty-foot-diameter gray stone tower is missing the bulk of its upper floors—some terrific force smashed its upper sections away, creating huge mound of rubble north of the building and leaving the tower now a mere stump with a jagged top.

The party arrives at the tower which is one of the three safe houses for the Ivory Labyrinth.
In front of the current leader Faxon, Ermis uses his power to detect evil, and evil he is. Faxon dissipates in a cloud but Wolf’Grim uses his keen senses and finds him and attacks. Gargamel conjures a deep pit under Faxon but he avoids falling in and stands on the edge as Wolf’Grim charges Faxon with the risk of falling in the pit, but he keeps his balance and buts his spear through the heart of Faxon.


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