Order within - Chaos without

21. Second hand, second life, second death

The gates were guarded by deamons dressed in dead bodies. Two wermliks wearing old friends barred the way forward. The party set upon them. [[:fausto | Fausto]] produced glittering dust and puny flames to no effect. Ermis and Topol tried not to overthink the solution and went head on with blades.. The worms bleed well enough and gave no wounds but had the audacity to suck the lifeforce from their attackers who ended up killing a good portion of their own spark of life to give death to the worms.

But in the end the mighty axe of Topol Topol Badutput them on the ground.

The gates tasted the axe as well and gave way. Behind waited another 3 wermliks. Ermis put himself between the party and the deamons – to shield his friends with holy light.
Topoil swang his axe above his and into the heads of the deamons.
Fausto provided haste and the chpping of sword and axe smashed the bodysnatchers. The last went down by a ray of light from a summoned creature.
What could be worth this many guards…? Hidden treasures?

Fausto kneeled at an altar to Iomedei and saw runes on the wall " Let us inherit thine arms, Iomedea"..


mathiasiversen abildskov

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