Order within - Chaos without

22. The Cleansing of the Cultist Sect


The party continued through the building in search of whatever the demons were guarding inside. As they entered a room the foul stench of iron and rot almost overwhelmed them. Inside the room at the far end stood an altar. Upon the alter lay a twisted creation sewn together from pieces of human body parts. A human centipede of some sort. This had truly been turned into a place of the most chaotic worship.
Guarding the altar was four human cultists and a tiefling, and once again the party found themselves in an unavoidable fight.

Frakasto casts a stinking gas cloud that makes the enemies noxious. The tiefling is too busy puking to notice Wulffgrim and his might Standard of Azlanti, and in two successive swings he decapitates the half-devil. The other cultists are slain just as quickly before the might of the other adventures.

Inside the room Frakasto kneels before the altar and recites the prayer “Let us inherit thine arms, Iomedea”, and a secret alcove opens beside the altar. Inside the secret room are mighty weapons all specialized in the slaying of vile demons.
In a room beside the vandalized room of worship stands a chest with the personal effects of the now dead tiefling cultist. Among his belongings is a note which reads:

“Lord Staunton, I believe you will find the enclosed weapon to be a singular and famili ar delight, for it once belonged to your old “friend” Irabeth. She sold it to Kandro Nyserian, of all people—I’ve no idea why. Kandro’s been sitting on it for years—still would be, except his home got smashed by an ulk reth. Shame. He managed to save the sword and came here, begging for an escort north to Drezen, doubtless so he could give you the sword and weasel some cash to help him set up a new home. I hope you don’t begrudge a creativity I took—our friend Nyserian serves now as a warm suit for a vermlek as punishment for only revealing the sword now instead of when he first acquired it. I suspect the blade will take to your brother’s touch nicely!
Your loyal servant, Othirubo”

It was now even more clear, that these wretched cultists were up to no good, and the rest of the area had to be swept of these vile beings. The party rushes to the 1 st floor and makes short work of the rest of the cultist sect.


God adventure log :) og fin detalje med human centipide :D

mathiasiversen troelslmunk

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