Order within - Chaos without

4. The Black Cave

Seeking out the root of evil


Before Topol knocked on the wooden door into the office of Emanror Pinard, Ermis meticulously checked if all stains of mud and blood had been washed off his robe and sword. Presenting yourself as shining and clean as possible was a virtue he shared with his mage elder. The green glowing sword, that had been given to Ermis as a gift for protecting Haulst from the goblin attack caught Pinards eye. Thrandrall, as it was named had been the sword of Sir Batho, and held great power by being wielded by a noble hand and heart of good for a lifetime. In time it could be made even more powerful. As if the level of righteousness Ermis was feeling wasn’t enough the sword only added to that, and the thought of putting that righteousness to use in battle against evil made him almost shriek of joy.

Topol told that the party’s plan was to locate the so-called back cave from whence the vile goblins had probably come. He battled the thought of accepting an offer from Fausto, the half-orc in Haulst to join the group in their fight. Could a creature with orc-blood running in his viens be trusted? Pinard explained that judgement and the fitting measure of punishment should only be passed onto the evildoer on basis of his actions, not his being itself. Unless that being happened to be undead. Such an abomination that distorted the holy order of life should always be dealt a death sentence. Before leaving Dinyard also Grimacar and the higher ranked Paralictor Paralictor Arnald Halmarma told the party that their actions had been noticed and that it had been a joy to watch them battle it out in Dis.

Through a portal, the party found themselves back in Haulst, where the whole town were working on erecting palisades to protect agains further goblin attacks. After a nice day of hard labour, the party rested in Hurrigers cosy inn. Julia, Huriger’s daughter brought them beer and blushed when she kissed Erims on the cheek. “Silly girl” Ermis said to himself, as he pondered on his own and Iomedae’s views on chasteness. Fausto had happily joined the party, and were thrilled that the sugar dady and big spender of the group, Draxkarn had equipped him with a new chain mail and a giant axe. The young farmhand Bartho had recounted the way to the cave he had discovered, and by the mornings early light the party set out west, in search of the little Trolls Creek, that would take them north hoping to spot the black cave.

Quickly they found what they were looking for, and as they cautiosly entered a little dark cave opening, Ermis was ready with his bless spell. In the hallway leading further into the cave, was a big pit, and a suspended wooden bridge raised up under the ceiling The party had to find a way over, and Draxkarn, maybe a bit too optimistic of his own dexterity and Fausto’s strength asked the half-orc to throw him over on the other side. Miraculously they suceeded, and the all continued forward into a large empty cave room. Suddently they heard a roar, and behind them from the corners of the room, swarmed forth a large pack of undead goblins. Topol and Fausto with almost unison axe-work cleft a lot of the pack, and Ermis, standing behind them channeled the good energy from Iomedae, which brought many of the undead down. Draxkarn looked a little ovewhelmed on his own with a large group of goblin undead surrounding him, but a large hobgoblin ran forth from the back of the room, fighting side by side with Drax, against the goblins.

When the battle was over, the party sat down and questioned the strange Hobgoblin. Turgrim, he called himself, and had been the former cheif of the goblins of the cave. Four days ago, he had been approached by a shady character named Azalin, who tried to hire his goblin trbe as mercenaries for 1000 gp, and wanted them to make an attack on Haulst. Turgrim was doubtful of his agenda, and had declined the offer, but Gormus, one of the goblins had attacked him, bestowing himself with the title of goblin chief. Turgrim had been hiding in the back of the cave system since then.

The party believed his story, and fed him well. He also told that there was black door in the back of the caves, and that Azalin had been the only one that could open it. Ermis took a look at it, but couldn’t make out what magic it held. He tried a few positve enegy spells on the door, but that only struck him back rolling on the floor with a burst of force. What stood behind this door and how was it sealed? Had it something to do with the goblins turning undead? The party decided it was time to consult their elders about what they had found, but they would certainly be back to bring light to all of the Black Cave.


The black cave is a location in Arkham, so you should have found a clue token ;)

4. The Black Cave
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