Order within - Chaos without

3. The great battle

Plenty of death and goblins

Haulst Thrandrall
Our heroes sleept noisily and peacefully in the beds of the Inn after a night of talk, ale and hot food.
Next morning after a hearty breakfast a scream rang out from outside.
While Draxkarn Brizag’Dekhel and Ermis Aradippou tried to get their wits tuned to the situation, the ressourcelacking dwarf showed his resolve and rushed towards the sound in eager hope of battle and glory.

A band of goblins has set upon the village people, who surprisingly lacking men in uniform struggled to hold them back while signalling “whY!”.
Topol Badut got first use of his new repeating crossbow but decided quickly to rush the intruders now followed by his comrades in order and arms.

The goblins were easily slain but their warg proved a tough and dangerous opponent.
Even before the first band was subdued another charged from another direction sending the local merchant to the eternal marketplace. The aspiring hellknights split up with Drax and Ermis joining the butcher, the smith, a halforc and a travelling cleric in taking on the new band now trying to catch a fleeing wizard.
As the battle commenced yet another band emerged from a new angle and the dwarf charged them knowing that it takes only one hungry pissed off dwarf to smash five goblins and a mutt with teeth.
While the battle raged another larger band arrived and the defenders lines were stetching dangerously thin. Splitting up and splitting skulls were the only way out of this.

Topol Badut and a feeble innkeeper finally got the best of their opponents when Ermis Aradippou got his divine magic flowing. Draxkarn Brizag’Dekhel valiantly flickflacked through enemy lines realising the goblin warcaptain had entered the stage with 3 wargs. Surprised by the halfelf suddenly breathing him in the face, the battleharden goblin captain clung on to his trusted crossbow a little to long to save his life.

One rolling goblin head at the time the battle luck turned to the defenders favour and shortly after the last goblins fled and the panting defenders could use their staggered breath to utter a cheer for our heroes who clearly tipped the scales from death to life for the village.

The innkeeper Huurigar being the town elder considered the village people lucky to only lose one soul permanently and called for celebration in his inn promising the comrades lifelong board when they visited Haulst .

A merry night of ale and displays of gratitude from the locals followed. There was a steady flow of various gifts, among them was the longsword Thrandrall given by Batho. Furthermore there were promises, lofty words of praise and a little affection of the flesh.

While debatting the reason for the sudden boldness of the cowardly goblins a local lad told of a hooded unpleasant stranger passing by two months prior to the attack. He seemed to be disappointed by the farmers not knowing of an object he was searching for.

Next morning while maintaining the hangovers and preparing for going to a cave said to habour the local goblin tribe, the air suddenly bend and twisted creating a portal to the overly neat office of Maralictor Ricfred Grimacar who gave his soldiers a seldom word of respect and promt order calling them back to the Citadel Dinyar.

Once more it was time to be tested against worthy opponents: each other.
This time the battle maze was a open arena with stairs to objects and high walls obscuring the view. Topol Badut and Ermis Aradippou quickly met and while they exchanged blows in a primitive punch out Draxkarn Brizag’Dekhel managed to tumble himself to unconsciousness after a series of ambitious but unsuccessful acrobatic manoeuvres on the walls and stairs which he seemed to deem present because they must be scaled.

In the same second both Draxkarn Brizag’Dekhel and Ermis Aradippou fell to the sand and were spared from the crowds cheering and the dwarfs scream of joy.


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