Order within - Chaos without

20. The Knights of the Meeting Table

In the ruins off Kenabres, the adventurers meet with Irabeth, Quatnos and Lemüer to get up to date and discuss their future actions.

Irabeth has taken the reins of the Eagle Watch for the time being. People are waiting for help from the Mendivian army, but Irabeth knows that they might be waiting in vain. She confirms that the wardstone of Kenabres has been destroyed and thereby weakening the network of the entire country. The other cities have been informed of the attack on Kenabres, but they are also under attack themselves. The Mendivians will not be able to help everyone. Staunton Vhane, leader of the Hammers of Heaven, turned out to be in league with the demons, to the surprise of everyone, and he has been slain.

Lemüer stands in the background, nervous and slimy, saying nothing so far. Quatnos Ulem greets the party, a tattoo of an eagle on his cheek. He is lead the library the party came by on their journey. He tells them that he is there to help and that healing is on the house, so to speak. There is also an abundance of supplies for sale, despite the ruinous state of the city.

Quatnos begins to tell about the demons’ schemes to use the fractured wardstone to penetrated and destroy all of the wardstone defenses. To stop them somebody must go find the wardstone and destroy it completely using a rod of cancellation. The rod that Quatnos has may or may not have been given to Quatnos by the great wizard, Fyrsten. The party volunteers to do this mission, of course. The forces of Kenabres will make a diversion to allow the adventurers to get through the worst of the demon defenses.

As the meeting is coming to an end, Herman who was saved by the party, in an ungentle manner, arrives and asks Irabeth who has been chosen to do the brave quest. When he hears that it is, in fact, the very same party, he looks at them, mortified and angry. He turns on his heels and leaves the room, followed by Lemüer.


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